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Online Order Entry and Shipment Tracking

Its all about you our VALUED CUSTOMERS

Online order entry is a secure web site that requires a current account with us here at United Express system. Then a user name and password will be issued to you, this will allow you to go online and do the following:

New Order

The New Order screen is used to place new shipments and receive quotes. This process should be simple and speedy, since the New Order screen populates fields based on your custom preferences. Convenient tools such as the Address Book and References will help make your online experience as simple or thorough as you wish. After selecting the appropriate service-type and a few other required fields, you will be ready to submit your order.


The Tracking screen is your real-time portal to view the progress of your current orders. As soon as an order is submitted, whether by an online user or a customer service rep, the order is available for Tracking.


The Reports component will allow a user to view and print accounting-related reports such as Statement Sheets and Invoices.

Address Book

The Address Book is a convenient way to prepare your pickup and delivery locations for future use. This tool will allow the user to add, edit and/or delete address points to help speed the new order process and limit mistakes.


The References tool allows the user to enter an unlimited number of References or Reference Numbers into the account for access at any time. This is useful for firms that require real-time Reference validation during the order process.

My Profile

The My Profile screen holds custom information pertinent to a single user's online account, as well as company specific information. The selections within My Profile will help make the entire online process more simple by catering to the user's specific preferences.


The Admin section will allow authorized users to add,edit and remove an unlimited number of online users for their company. This "Admin" can also set the security rights of the users within the same Account.

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