Pool Point Services Chicago IL

Pool Point Services - Chicago, IL

Pool Point Services Chicago IL

Is your expanding business seeking new ways to become even more successful? Perhaps you are interested in pool distribution. This highly efficient manner of transportation is safer and far more cost effective than most shipping methods. It involves fewer shipments in larger quantities. If your company has made the wise choice to use pool distribution, than you are undoubtedly looking for the transportation company that offers the best pool point services in Chicago, IL.

At United Express, we understand that meeting our clients' needs, and exceeding their high expectations, is our top priority. We offer the most consistent shipping services in the business, and can boast a 97.9% rate of delivering shipments on time. We know that your business cannot afford to waste money and time on shipments that end up late or missing. That's why you should depend on our powerful fleet of trucks for all of your needs. Here are several great reasons to choose United Express Service

  • • 97.9% of packages delivered by their deadline
  • • The most dependable and reliable transportation company in the Chicago area
  • • Long tradition of top notch customer service
  • • Friendly and experienced staff

United Express has been providing top quality service for nearly three decades. We value our relationships with each and every client, and we work relentlessly to make sure that each relationship remains fruitful. Our company is fully determined to always achieve one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

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United Express can be reached at (800) 826-2130. Our representatives are very experienced and knowledgeable. They are eager to answer any questions that you have. We look forward to speaking with you and beginning a relationship with your company for pool point services in Chicago, IL.

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