Package Delivery Chicago IL

Package Delivery - Chicago, IL

Package Delivery Chicago IL

United Express Systems is a company that handles large or small-scale delivery needs. We have several locations throughout Illinois, and with a fleet of over 150 vehicles from cars to tractor trailers, we can handle your freight and package delivery needs in Chicago, IL.

Choosing UES for Package Delivery in Chicago, IL

Whether you have personal freight needs for package delivery in Chicago, or need to ship as part of a business venture, our customer-centered company offers reliable service that has made it a customer favorite since 1985. We offer overnight courier service and regular package delivery services. We work with businesses to create logistical and shipping plans that work.

So what sets United Express apart? Consider these advantages that make it the best choice for your shipping needs:

  • • We offer convenient tracking options - if you are a shipper or consignee, you can track your package from your computer without leaving your desk
  • • We work with customer input to improve our business practices
  • • We offer 24/7 expedited delivery of "mission critical" shipments within a 600-mile radius of Chicago to assure your deliveries arrive on time
  • • Because UES is smaller and local, we offer customized route and delivery solutions to simplify your business, maximize efficiency, and save money
  • • We offer warehousing and fulfillment services to simplify your sales
Real Time Access to all your Shipments and Account Info

United Express Systems can take care of any number of shipping and logistical needs in the Chicago area. When you want personalized service that ships your deliveries fast, contact us. United Express Systems offers the best package delivery service in the Chicago, IL area. Contact us today for more information.

The Clear Choice for your Delivery Needs