Delivery Service Chicago IL

Delivery Service - Chicago, IL

Delivery Service Chicago IL

Delivery of products is one of the biggest headaches of businesses of all sizes. You spend too much time and money producing the perfect product to have anything go wrong during delivery. If you need delivery service in Chicago, IL, look no further.

United Express is offers total Chicago delivery service. From courier services to freight, we can handle it all. Warehouse and inventory services are augmented by our state of the art technology and GPS services. Our website has secure package tracking technology, you will always know where your cargo is and when it's going to get there.

United Express doesn't just deliver in the city, but has five locations throughout Illinois to help serve you better. If your delivery is a critical or very time-sensitive, we have a special team dedicated to that. Our "Just-In-Time Delivery" include:

  • • Delivery anywhere within a 600 mile range.
  • • Fast and reliable 24/7 delivery schedules.
  • • Ready to choose the perfect vehicle for your Chicago delivery from a large fleet of trucks and vans.
  • • Ensures your package arrives on time, every time.

Choosing the Right Delivery Service in Chicago, IL

Real Time Access to all your Shipments and Account Info

United Express has been doing delivery service for over 27 years and always make sure that your package is safe and on-time. With 150+ vehicles in our fleet, we will always be available to make sure that you are never left without delivery service to Chicago, IL and beyond.

By choosing United Express, both you and your customers will immediately notice the difference. We strive to be the clear choice in delivery options for Illinois.

Leave the delivery to United Express, your premier delivery service in Chicago, IL. Trust all of your packages, parcels, and freight to United Express: a true total transportation company.

The Clear Choice for your Delivery Needs