Dedicated Fleet Service Aurora IL

Dedicated Fleet Service - Aurora, IL

Dedicated Fleet Service Aurora IL

For over 27 years, United Express Systems still maintains the same dedication to customer satisfaction that we believed in from the start. Our commitment to timely service and accurate delivery has developed a great relationship with both our clients and our service partners. We work in conjunction with other delivery companies to provide you with the fastest, safest most reliable services we can. Whether you are running a business or shipping things to relatives, United Express has an established team of delivery specialists available for your needs including dedicated fleet service in Aurora, IL.

  • • Efficient delivery systems
  • • Affordable shipment options
  • • A company with a national and regional network
  • • A full service, licensed transport service
  • • Dedicated customer service goals

United Express will help you meet your commitments on time, every time.

Real Time Access to all your Shipments and Account Info

Quality Dedicated Fleet Service in Aurora, IL

Our teams reach their delivery destinations across the country and regionally on schedule saving you the stress and hassle of wondering whether deliver has been made or where your package is. Our extensive network gives us the ability to collaborate with carriers all over and extend your business efficiently and dependably.

Affordable, Professional Dedicated Fleet Services

Your delivery system needs to be able to handle a wide variety of needs at a moments' notice. We can deliver your goods, products and materials same day, overnight or next day delivery with amazing reliability and accuracy. Our dedicated professionals, associates and certified carriers transport your goods from pick-up point to delivery point quickly and affordably.

Make reliable delivery part of your quality customer service commitment. The staff here at United Express will back up your deliver plan and have your shipments completed within your time frame. Use our dedicated fleet service in Aurora, IL to your advantage and make timely deliveries for your customers.

The Clear Choice for your Delivery Needs