Same Day Transportation Service or Overnite Delivery, we are your On Time Deliver Service in the Chicagoland  Area and Northern IllinoisStriving to be the best Courier possible with premier On Demand Service and On Time Delivery Services in the Chicagoland Area and Northern Illinois About United Express

United Express System was started in 1985 by Brad & Janice Westrom. Since that time, UES has grown dramatically into one of the most highly regarded and respected companies of its kind by partnering with each customer to provide customized service tailored to the client’s needs. United Express System has also gained recognition and notoriety for past successes through magazine articles, newspaper stories, and business organizations, but most importantly through good old word of mouth.
We look forward to our future business challenges as the transportation and logistics field continues to evolve.

Mission Statement

“In order to realize our Vision, our Mission must be to surpass the Expectations of our internal and external customers. We will accomplish this by recognizing and committing to our Values and by attaining the highest levels of Customer Satisfaction, with emphasis on Delivering Value each and every day. In this way we will ensure that our sustainability, profit, quality and growth goals are met.”


The SmartWay program is a voluntary partnership between the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation industry.

This cooperative partnership was initially designed to increase awareness of consumption efficiencies while reducing GHG-Green House Gas Emissions’ and improving over-all air quality for everyone.

The Partnership brings industry leading shippers, transportation, intermodal & logistic companies coupled with trade and professional associations together to implement “Best in Class” practices that will create mutually beneficial energy savings and reductions in overall emissions.

Acceptance into the SmartWay program was confirmed with UES’s demonstrated fuel saving strategies and our active participation in evaluating emerging technologies for consumption conservation while reducing GHG emissions.

UES is proud of our associate membership in the SmartWay program and of our mutual alliance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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